“Tara and Steve Buzash are creative and serious artists in their respective fields. They are working on the forefront of the jazz and art media. Their joint exhibits and performances are exciting and enjoyable. They are a power couple whom we will hear a lot of in the future.” [Charles McVicker, President, Garden State Watercolor Society, Former Ass’t Prof. of Art, The College of New Jersey]

“…ingenious…” [Laurie Altman, Grammy-nominated composer and pianist]

“…brilliant jazz pianist/composer… plus she’s very cool.” [Mark Laycock, Conductor, Princeton Symphony Orchestra]

“As soon as I heard you play, I knew I had to get your CD.” [Jim Faridy, Chairman, Boheme Opera of New Jersey]

“Whether you like jazz or not, this is quality piano playing.” [R.A., Belle Mead Friends of Music]

“That was a very wonderful concert last night. Brava! Strong, free, flowing, spirited and impressively creative!” [B.W., Master Faculty, Westminster Conservatory of Music]

“I really enjoyed your compositions and can’t wait to hear more — you have a talent for writing catchy but unusual melodies that stick with the listener long after the piece is over.” [F.L., Trumpeter/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Educator]

“What a great recital you gave and you were so natural and personable, which is great.” [S.S., jazz vocalist]

“My kids and I had a great time at your concert. You are excellent.” [M.B.]

“You are as good as any piano player I’ve ever heard… You play the ‘definitive’ Misty.” [R.L., recording engineer]

“It is I who should do the thanking. Your performance was uplifting, original, fresh, serious and fun.” [J.G., Princeton Music Club]

“Tara, you are the only person I know who could put a kitchen sink in the song and make it sound great!” [K.H., Music Director, Hopewell Off-Broadstreet Theatre]

“It was a treasure to meet you, Tara, and hear you play the piano. I went to the Elton John concert the night y’all arrived and that is one man that can make a piano sing. I heard the same thing in listening to you play. I understand you have a God-given talent, but I also understand that you are the one who has fallen in love with the piano, which is proven by the hard work that you do.” [G.S.]

“Your piano playing this evening … was simply gorgeous and ethereal. … Thank you so much for a magnificent concert! We hope to hear you again soon.” [M.A., President, Montgomery Center for the Arts]

“I’ve been to a lot of these places, and heard a lot of piano players, and you’re the best I’ve ever heard.” [H.P.]

“Tara, you were sensational!” [L.R.]

“You are a phenomenal pianist.” [D.D., Singer/Songwriter/Pianist]

“Thanks for making the evening a success.” [P.M., American Institute of Architects]

“Dear Steve and Tara, Thank you so much for the Buzash Art and Jazz Showcase weekend. It was truly a wonderful event. In fact people are still buzzing about what a great time they had those three days. ‘It was the best event EVER at Elm Court!’ is what I keep hearing. Thank you for all you did to make the weekend a success. The art, the jazz concerts, the food, the general atmosphere all contributed to one very special happening. I welcome you both back anytime. … It was truly a pleasure having you both here.
Most fondly,
Rhona W. Porter, Social Worker”

“You’re still my favorite piano player. I truly think that you have something unique about your playing.”
–C.S., jazz vocalist